Distinctive Dry Cleaners was founded in late 1980’s by Mr Thompson, Brookfield area developer and began operation at 13855 West North Ave.

The facility was only 1100 sqft and grew ever since. We purchased it in 1992 and that is when our rapid growth began.

After improving filing system, computer production and inventory control we began outgrowing our floor space.

In 1997 we purchased existing building at 13845 west North Ave occupied by Glidden Paint Store and began complete renovation of exterior and interior.

We purchased new dry cleaning machine from Bowe, Germany, shirt press from Sankosha, Japan and our compressor from Mattei, Italy and several US presses.

We opened our new 3500 sq. ft location in February 1998 and to this day experience growth in our business.

We improve our operation by participating in international dry cleaning conventions where we select best equipment to be the leader of the industry in Metro Milwaukee.

Recently we purchased environment friendly dry cleaning machine from Italy; first of its kind in Milwaukee. It uses hydrocarbon that has no smell, is very gentle on fabrics and leaves garments soft and odorless.

Please stop in and see our facility, how we do our dry cleaning and pressing. And as always, we appreciate the ability to serve the entire community for the past 22 years!